The German energy landscape is undergoing a far-reaching transformation process, which can be taken forward with the use of modern technologies in the field of digitisation. The driver of this process is the German "Energiewende", and will result in a change to the generation mix. The system has become more decentralised and renewable energy dominates over conventional generation. Intelligent networking ensures that the production, distribution, storage and consumption of energy are optimally matched. This offers new opportunities and challenges for those involved to achieve a smart energy world. 

Our analysis is substantiated by a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methods. We supply an independent and sound argumentation base applying economic theory of competition and regulation. The theoretical analysis is accompanied by expert interviews and market surveys. 

Our research and consulting activities focus on the issues concerning smart energy. We examine the latest developments in this area and assess the impact on the progress of the German "Energiewende". The interface between the regulated network area and market-related activities is a further focus of our activities. Our experts have a profound knowledge in the following areas: 

Main topics

Transformation of the energy system

  • Smart grid, smart market and smart metering
  • Digitisation
  • Electro mobility and storage
  • Hybrid Networks (PtG, PtH)


Smart grid regulation

  • Enhancement of regulatory Systems corresponding to smart grid developments
  • Interface market - regulation
  • Incentives for investment and innovation
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Smart Energy

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