International Communications Market Report 2016

Ofcom has recently published its "International Communications Market Report 2016" on recent developments in four communications markets: TV, Radio, Telecoms and Post. The report compares consumer prices, volumes and revenues in the British postal sector with developments in 17 countries from all continents. WIK-Consult supports Ofcom in preparing the report’s chapter on the postal sector since 2013 by collecting, validating and/or estimating the postal data and by identifying identify important trends for volumes, prices and competition. 

The International Communications Market Report 2016 reports total global revenues of £1,166 bn for the communications sector’s. Telecoms is the largest sector, contributing £802bn. The revenues in the postal market increased by 1.1% to £72 bn. 

The most remarkable trend in the postal sector is the continuous growth in the parcel markets whereas letter mail volumes declined further. The developments in e-commerce continue to be the driver of growth in international parcel markets, and particularly the volume of cross-border shipments increased. Postal markets worldwide are characterized by declining volumes of light-weight letters, while volumes of heavy letters and parcel increase every year. National postal operators have been able to compensate revenue losses in the letter segment by increases of letter prices and parcel revenues. 

The Market Report 2016 is available for download.

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