Lebhafte Diskussion beim Auftakt-Workshop zur mFUND-Begleitforschung des WIK

Mehr als 130 Teilnehmer diskutierten beim Auftakt-Workshop zur mFUND-Begleitforschung des WIK am 7. Dezember in Bonn


Ein neuer ordnungspolitischer Rahmen für den Glasfaserausbau?!

Presentation of Dr Iris Henseler-Unger at the BUGLAS-Jahreskongress 2017 on 6 December 2017


Economic impact of the ePrivacy-Regulation provisions on online advertising and ad-based digital business models

Online advertising and ad-based digital business models at risk?


Broadband Availability and Framework Conditions for the Rollout of Gigabit Networks in Germany

Presentation of Dr Christian Wernick at the Danish Energy Association Conference on 7 November 2017


More than words

Rich Interaction Applications create a consumers surplus of US$98 billion (INR6.3 lakh crores) in India.



Presentation of Iris Henseler-Unger at the #DIGIKON17 Digitalisierungskonferenz der Wirtschaft, 13. November 2017


More Competition by Simplifying Switching

More than 70% of Germans use digital comparison tools. Out of these, 55 % have got rid of a contract that is too expensive or not optimal. A study by WIK-Consult shows further positive effects.


Competitive situation on the Swiss broadband access market

Ensure competition on the basis of a regulated wholesale product for ultra-broadband access


Call-by-call and preselection in Germany

The study for the Association of Telecommunication and Value-Added Service Providers (VATM) shows the importance call-by-call and preselection in Germany

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