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Interoperability, switchability and portability: Implications for the Cloud

This study seeks to provide insights on the meaning of cloud services, and the circumstances in which portability and interoperability may be relevant in a cloud context. We consider the implications of this analysis for the ongoing review of the Data Act. More...
Discussion Paper

No. 483: Migration from copper to fibre networks: Phases and processes of copper migration

Specification and formulation of the details of the process chain for migration and switching-off.More...

Secure digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises

Expert survey in the Mittelstand-Digital network on the opportunities and challenges of introducing and certifying ISMS in small and medium-sized enterprises, including references to assistance.More...
Research Brief

Sustainability reporting of postal operators

The sustainability reporting of postal service providers is hardly comparable. The planned expansion of the EU's reporting requirements will oblige more companies than before to provide more detailed information.More...

Blockchain for SME – Report for the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action

The WIK study for BMWK focuses on blockchain in SMEs, including current usage, forms of implementations, opportunities and obstacles, as well as options for action for companies and society.More...

Interoperability regulations for digital services - Impact on competition, innovation and digital sovereignty especially for platform and communication services

This study examines (a lack of) interoperability as a possible driver for concentration tendencies as well as the impact of corresponding obligations on digital markets (esp. NI-ICS).More...
Discussion Paper

No. 482: Copper-glass migration in France and the UK

This paper provides an insight into the framework and the status of the migration process from copper to fibre networks in France and the United Kingdom.More...

Newsletter Nr. 126 | Juni 2022

Der neue WIK Newsletter mit Berichten aus der laufenden Arbeit des WIK und Berichten von Veranstaltungen ist erschienen.More...

40 Jahre WIK: Bad Honnefer Institut feiert im Pantheon

Das Wissenschaftliche Institut für Infrastruktur und Kommunikationsdienste (WIK) feiert heute sein 40-jähriges Bestehen mit einem Symposium im Pantheon in Bonn-Beuel. Insgesamt nehmen 150 Gäste an der Veranstaltung der Forschungseinrichtung aus Bad Honnef teil.More...

Workshop "Chances and challenges for the use of AR and VR”

In a virtual workshop, WIK discussed potentials, use cases and framework conditions with providers and users of AR and VR solutions as well as industry and political representatives.More...

The German-speaking Community signs a memorandum of understanding with Proximus and Ethias to deploy fiber on its territory

In 2020 the government of the German-speaking Community (DG) commissioned WIK-Consult to prepare a feasibility study on an area-wide fiber roll-out in the DG. On May 16th 2022 an MoU was signed by the government of the DG, Proximus and Ethias, which defines the objective to establish a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to connect 36,000 homes and businesses in the DG with fiber.More...

WIK 40th anniversary Conference 2022 "New rules for the Digital Decade" in Brussels

In this conference, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the WIK Institute, leading policy-makers from the European institutions, academics, regulators and industry representatives from across the digital value chain (and beyond), look at market dynamics in the post-COVID area and discuss the implications of new and proposed EU legislation and guidelines covering platforms, data and essential digital infrastructure.More...