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Head of the "Communications and Innovation" department

Martin Lundborg graduated in Economics and Finance from Jönköping University (Sweden) and Christian Albrecht University (Kiel, German) in 1999. Since graduating, he has worked for various consulting firms and for Vodafone. Until the end of 2017, Martin Lundborg worked for Detecon (a consulting subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom) in the field of telecommunications and digitisation. Starting on January 1, 2018, he works for WIK as head of Communications and Innovation department and is head of accompanying research of the "Mittelstand-Digital" funding initiative on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

As a project manager in the field of digitisation and telecommunications, Martin Lundborg has carried out projects on five continents for ministries, authorities, industry organizations, medium-sized enterprises and network operators. His experiences include inter alia market studies on communications services required for the digitisation of companies, support for ministries and authorities regarding telecommunications and digitization topics, submission of expert opinions for telecommunications and media policies, telecoms regulation, strategy and planning of broadband investments, as well as financial evaluation of IT outsourcing projects. Martin Lundborg has published numerous scientific articles in his field of activities.

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Martin Lundborg

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