Our consultancy services are related to identifying market potential, characterising target groups and their needs, modelling market trends and formulating strategic advice.

Within the "Markets and Perspectives" department, WIK is pooling its strengths in the areas of market research, demand analysis, tariffing/pricing and ICT-based applications in a cross-industry way. In addition to the ICT sector, further network-based industries are supported by this department’s services.

Our team uses the following variety of methods in order to issue studies and expert opinions:


  • primary data analysis/market research;
  • secondary data analysis/desk research;
  • expert knowledge/expert validation; and
  • methods of experimental economics.

The outcome supports our clients on a substantiated basis in


  • internal and external reporting;
  • strategy development, particularly regarding pricing decisions;
  • decision-making procedures; and
  • strategic controlling.

Through a networked and integrated way of thinking, as well as through an analytically structured approach, the "Markets and Perspectives" department creates transparency for its clients regarding


  • need of action;
  • strategic possibilities of action;
  • implications of options of action;
  • guidance; and
  • implementation results.

Our "Markets and Perspectives" team looks forward to supporting its clients by meeting their challenges.

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Dr Lukas Wiewiorra
Head of Department
Markets and Perspectives

Phone: +49 2224 9225-25
Fax:     +49 2224 9225-69