Projects (selected)

  • Index of digitisation and smart networks in Germany (since 2015), Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
  • Internet-based platforms and their importance in Germany (2016), Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
  • Broadband and infrastructure mapping study (2013-2014), European Commission
  • Market potential for high speed broadband access in Germany, (2012), BREKO
  • Introduction of waiting loops free of charge for telecommunications serivces (2011), Study for the DVTM (the German association for telecommunications and media)
  • Cash flows in the German wholesale market (2011), Study for several telecommunications operators
  • ICT-Trends and ICT-Strategies (2010), Study for the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy, Building, Housing and Transport of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia
  • NGA-Strategy for the Federal State of Hesse (2010), Ministry of Economics of the Federal State of Hesse
  • International Comparison of Regulatory Approaches for Value-Added Services (2010), Study for the Federal Network Agency, Germany
  • Internataional Comparison of National Broadband Strategies (2009), Study for the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Parliament(TAB)
  • Further methodological development of the German water supply benchmarking (2008/09)
  • Analysis of Profitability in Mobile Communications (2007), Study for several mobile service provider
  • Benchmarking Approaches for Mobile Termination Rates (2006), Expert assessment for a mobile service provider
  • Analysis of Innovation-Driven Market Trends in Telecommunications and their Industry Economic Implications (2005–2006), Study for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research 
  • Study series for a German carrier on the Development of the Market for Wholesale Services (2004–2011)
  • Development of optimised tariff models for water suppliers, analysis for a number of the largest German water suppliers (since 2005)
  • Study for the European Commission on a Pan-European Market for Premium Rate Services (2005)
  • Study for the Association of Telecommunications and Value-Added Service Providers (VATM) on the function and significance of online-billing as a billing procedure for value-added services in Germany (2004–2005)
  • Study for ARCEP on Public Intervention in Broadband Markets in Germany (2004–2005)

Additionally we refer to the WIK Discussion Papers, where we publish many results from our research projects.

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