WIK’s "Business and Strategy" department applies an interdisciplinary approach in order to develop strategies for political decision-makers, regulators and market participants in a changing and dynamic market environment.

A substantial key focus of our activities is to examine the broadband and gigabit network topic from a holistic perspective. We analyse incentive structures and business models for the market-driven broadband roll-out. Moreover, we evaluate public authorities’ regulatory and funding-related measures that are aiming to strengthen the incentives for the deployment of future-proven gigabit networks.

In terms of digitisation we study its impact on retail, business, and wholesale markets in fixed and mobile networks. Core aspects include the development of demand for high bandwidths, the future of wholesale business models, and the requirements of advanced services on the underlying fixed and mobile infrastructures.

Digitisation does, however, not only affect the telecommunication sector, but also the complete economic and societal ecosystem. Against this background, we provide advice to clients from different industries and sectors on strategic questions in the context of digitisation. Our core competencies include sector-specific and cross-sectoral research on the impact of digitisation on business models and value chains. In addition, we offer consultancy services on questions related to regulatory economics and regulatory management in various sectors.

We have long-standing experience in retail, business, and wholesale markets. Our aim is to support our clients in solving their specific challenges by generating precious and sustainable stimuli in our common projects.

The team of the department "Business and Strategy" is looking forward to present our product portfolio in the course of a face-to-face meeting.

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Dr. Christian Wernick
Head of Department
Business and Strategy

Phone: +49 2224 9225-92
Fax:      +49 2224 9225-68