Cluster Digitisation and Internet

In our cluster Digitisation and Internet – subdivided into the departments Communications and Innovation, Markets and Perspectives and Business and Strategy – WIK studies the implications of information and communications technologies on economy and society.

Recently, an ecosystem has appeared with new technologies, markets, business models and consumer demands. We make relevant contributions to the analysis of this ecosystem and design competent solutions to new challenges and problems.

Relevant questions are: How will the adoption of digital services evolve? What requirements will there be for the existing infrastructure? How can we promote digitisation of SMEs? How can we record and support intelligent networking in government, education, traffic and energy? What are the basic principles of data security? What are the relevant questions for consumers in regard to net neutrality? Which challenges and changes are evolving in line with OTT players? What is the significance of the success of mobile internet to business models and infrastructure?


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Adoption      Business customers

       Business modells    

    Consumer protection  


     Digital security

      Digital transformation SME

             Digitisation energy

Digitisation of network industries


Experimental economics

   Free Flow of Data

             Gigabit networks

    ICT               Infrastructure

        IT security in SMEs

International analyses

        Logistics     Mobility

    Market research     Open Data

   OTT        Potential demand     

Smart grid         Smart market

       SWOT analyses

            Trends in demand