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Manfred Knoche, Axel Zerdick

Strukturanalysen zur medienpolitischen und ökonomischen Bedeutung des Postzeitungsdienstes
Nr. 81 / Februar 1992
(no longer available)


Within the framework of a more extensive study of the postal newspaper and periodical delivery service in Germany, three independent sets of newspaper and periodical statistics were analysed and combined: the (public) newspaper statistics by the Federal Government, the (public) audited circulation statistics of printed advertising media, and the (internal) statistics of the postal newspaper and periodical delivery service. Analysis included many different types of newspapers and periodicals (including commercial and non-commercial ones), and most of the data used referred to 1988 to 1990, with a few references to long-term development since 1973.

The postal newspaper and periodical delivery service supports freedom and variety of the press, and is economically important for publishers as well as for Deutsche Bundespost. In terms of its relative share in total distribution, it is particularly important for special interest periodicals and religious newspapers, less important for general interest periodicals and weekly papers, and least important for daily newspapers. Small circulation periodicals published by non-commercial institutions are totally dependent on the postal newspaper and periodical delivery service, while high circulation newspapers and periodicals by commercial publishers use other delivery systems (newsstand sales and private delivery services) for the larger part of their circulation

In terms of their relative economic importance to Deutsche Buridespost, the groups of special interest periodicals, non-commercial publications of clubs and associations and general interest periodicals top the list. Very few publishers and associations, however, are the main customers: 20 newspapers and periodicals (0.2 percent of the total number served) account for one third of the total revenue (620 million DM) of the postal newspaper and periodical delivery service.

Only German language version available.

Discussion Paper is no longer available.

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