Discussion Papers

Johannes Adler, Detlef Garbe

ISDN auf dem Prüfstand der Bürger - Bürgergutachten als Instrument der Technikfolgen-Debatte und des kundenorientierten Marketing

Nr. 56 / April 1990 Summary

The introduction of ISDN offers new possibilities of communication to customers of DBP Telekom which are more rapid, more comfortable and cheaper. ISDN integrates diverse services (e.g. telephone, telefax, Btx, teletex) and transmits language, image, text and data. While the commercial customer has more and more realized the usefulness of ISDN, it is wholly uncertain how the private customer judges the technical possibilities of ISDN and its applications. The introduction and distribution of ISDN is strained by the broad public debate on the data protection-conception in ISDN. The main topics of criticism are the storage of connection data, itemised billing and calling-line identification. Already in 1989 the DBP in collaboration and scientific companionship with the WIK has ordered a "Citizen Report ISDN" from Prof. Dr. Dienel of the Bergische Universität GH Wuppertal, Research Department Public Participation & Planning Procedure in order to get information about the fact how citizens judge the technical possibilities of ISDN as well as its usefulness in everyday life and how the protection of communication data should be designed from the citizens' perspective. In this discussion paper Johannes Adler and Detlef Garbe draw up the conception, the research questions and the aims of this study. In addition to that, they locate the procedure "citizen report" in the German debate on social compatibility of modern communication technologies and they describe its contribution to a user orientated marketing-conception.

[Only German language version available.]

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