Discussion Papers

No. 444: Broadband Access via Satellite in Germany - State of Market Development and Development Prospects (July 2019)

Authors: Pirmin Puhl, Martin Lundborg

(full version only available in German)


Subject of the research was to which extent satellite-based broadband services could close the current gap in high-speed broadband. For the study, desk research and expert interviews as well as market surveys on retail offerings in 2015 and 2018 were conducted.

The results of the study show that broadband via satellite still is a high-priced niche product in 2018. Technical disadvantages such as high latency times, additional high installation costs for the end user and higher monthly prices in comparison to VDSL as well as lower bandwidths and/or data volumes continue to play a role in further penetration.

Technical developments such as LEO satellite constellations and reusable rockets of e.g. SpaceX could reduce the costs, capacity bottlenecks and latencies of satellite networks. Since no implementation projects for these new technologies have been fully completed until now, the advantages have not yet been proven in practice. In order to determine the future relevance of broadband services via satellite, the technological developments need an ongoing observation.

Diskussion Paper is available for download.

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