Conferences and Workshops


WIK Conference: The future of connectivity, 16-17 October in Brussels

WIK‘s future of connectivity conference highlights deregulation opportunities for operators, mediation challenges for regulators, no end-game in sight for telecom policy.


Workshop on Digital Comparison Tools in Europe

All presentations are now available online. Download them here.


Roadshow IT security in SMEs

WIK presents the study "Situation of IT security in SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises)" at Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V. (BITMi) in Aachen (9 April 2018). The study is conducted within the BMWi initiative IT security in economy.


SMP Guidelines Workshop

The WIK Workshop on "Revising the SMP Guidelines - Debating the Commission’s proposals for the revision of the SMP Guidelines and implications for the Communications Code" was held on 27 March 2018. Presentations are available for download.


Lebhafte Diskussion beim Auftakt-Workshop zur mFUND-Begleitforschung des WIK

Mehr als 130 Teilnehmer diskutierten beim Auftakt-Workshop zur mFUND-Begleitforschung des WIK am 7. Dezember in Bonn


WIK Investment Workshop 2017

WIK organised an interactive workshop on 7 March 2017 in Brussels which has provided an in-depth discussion on regulatory tools to boost Gigabit broadband.


Gigabit networks for Germany – WIK workshop at the BMWi

Innovative applications have high demands for bandwidth and quality – telecommunications networks should not limit the speed of digitization in Germany.


WIK Conference on 17-18 October in Brussels: New rules for digital networks and services?

Commissioner Günther Oettinger will provide his vision for a Gigabit society, BEREC Chair Wilhelm Eschweiler will provide his views and that of the European regulators on priorities for the future framework


WIK study presented at CERP meeting in Budapest

The number of e-commerce items from China as well as other Asian countries is strongly increasing. A study by WIK presented at the CERP meeting in Budapest analyses the economic effects of this development on Germany.


3rd ENERGISE Workshop in the course of “Sustainable Places 2016”

Energy meets telecommunication. 3rd ENERGISE Workshop on June 30, 2016 in Anglet, France

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