Nr. 79: PCN - Die neueste Entwicklung im digitalen zellularen Mobilfunk

Karl-Heinz Neumann

PCN - Die neueste Entwicklung im digitalen zellularen Mobilfunk
Nr. 79 / Januar 1992


The concept of Personal Communications Networks (PCN) has been developed in the UK. According to some recent developments, PCN seems to be nothing else than digital cellular mobile communications in the 1.800 MHz band. The innovative aspects of PCN are limited because ETSI decided not to develop a new standard for PCN but to run PCN as a GSM standard adapted to the 1.800 MHz band. There is, however, some chance that PCN will activate some new groups of customers and accelerate mobile communications to become a mass market. Assuming an appropriate licencing strategy, PCN will intensify the still limited duopolistic competition in digital cellular mobile.

The paper analyses the origins and the current status of the PCN approach in the UK and compares GSM and PCN systems. On this basis, PCN is evaluated technically and in its implications on the market and on competition. Finally, the paper deals with concepts and details of licencing.

Only German language version available

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