Research Brief Price differentiation for fixed-line broadband products in Germany

In the context of this research brief, WIK surveyed and analysed the double-play offers (internet + telephone) of 96 fixed network providers in Germany in March 2021.

The research brief provides important insights on the product design and pricing for different technologies and bandwidths, with particular attention to the regional marketing focus of the different broadband providers.

It reveals considerable differences in products and prices depending on the provider category. A relevant share of providers with a focus on rural regions is able to realise significant price premiums compared to nationally active broadband providers.

With regard to differentiation by technology, it is noticeable that the majority of providers who have both xDSL connections upgraded to vectoring/supervectoring and FTTB/H connections in their portfolio do not differentiate prices for products with the same bandwidths.

Finally, it can be observed that a considerable number of providers with gigabit-capable technology do not offer gigabit products via the corresponding infrastructures.

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