The German-speaking Community signs a memorandum of understanding with Proximus and Ethias to deploy fiber on its territory

In 2020 the government of the German-speaking Community initiated a project for the deployment of fiber throughout most of its territory. After a feasibility study and a broad consultation of the telecom operators' and the financial market, the German-speaking Minister of Culture, Sports, Employment and Media Isabelle Weykmans, Proximus CEO Guillaume Boutin and Ethias CEO Philippe Lallemand signed a Memorandum of Understanding on May 16th.

The objective of these three parties is to set up a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to deploy fiber in the German-speaking Community throughout most of its territory. By 2026, 36,000 homes and businesses in the German-speaking Community of Belgium will have access to fiber. It represents the first PPP in broadband-roll-out in Belgium in the field of fiber deployment.

A project team of WIK-Consult prepared the feasibility study in 2020 and continues its consultancy services for the government in the context of the negotiations on the founding of the PPP.

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