No. 482: Copper-glass migration in France and the UK

No. 482: Copper-glass migration in France and the UK

Authors: Sonia Strube Martins, Cara Schwarz-Schilling
(full version only in German)


This paper provides an insight into the framework and the status of the migration process from copper to fibre networks in France and the United Kingdom. Despite the different conditions under which the copper-to-glass migration is taking place, copper migration in France and the UK has some things in common. Both regulators, Ofcom and ARCEP, have set the framework conditions for switching off copper networks or for a marketing stop (stop sell) of copper-based services as well as access conditions to FTTH wholesale services in the course of the market analysis for broadband wholesale markets, so that standard products are available and the ordering processes are implemented. The framework also includes a minimum FTTH coverage, compliance with notice periods and detailed obligations to provide information on roll-out plans of the incumbents as well as in the context of monitoring the switch-off process.

The paper sets out structural parameters, which are relevant for fibre roll-out in France and UK and relates them to the respective statistics in Germany. The following chapters deal with the migration processes in UK and France respectively. The conditions for voluntary migration are described first followed by explaining decisions taken within the regulatory framework and setting out the current status of migration. The paper ends with a short summary of the country studies for UK and France.

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