WIK-Consult / ICF workshop: Review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive

WIK-Consult is organising an online workshop (split in two days – 16 and 18 June) in connection with the support study for the European Commission on the review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive. WIK-Consult will present the preliminary findings from...


Digital Executive Club Brussels – an initiative of WIK and IDATE

The meeting of the next Virtual Digital Executive Club will be announced soon.


Neutral fibre and the European Green Deal

The study shows that modern fibre-optic infrastructures help to counter climate change.


Future regional – digital: Feasibility study on data infrastructures in the Rhenish mining area

Feasibility study on the requirements and potential for a hyperscale data center with integrated data hub and connected digital park for the state of NRW


WIK-Consult researched the impact of price and delivery frequency on demand for postal services

What drives the demand for postal services in Belgium?


Impact of labelling on full fibre adoption

This study by WIK-Consult on behalf of CityFibre provides evidence of the extent of consumer confusion and the effectiveness of a labeling system in the UK broadband market.


Newsletter Nr. 122 | März 2021

Der neue WIK Newsletter mit Berichten aus der laufenden Arbeit des WIK und Berichten von Veranstaltungen ist erschienen.More...


Webinar 29 April: Neutral fibre and the European Green Deal

In this WIK webinar organised in collaboration with Stokab, we discussed, with the aid of practical examples and interviews from climate-leader Sweden, how fibre networks can contribute to the transition to an environmentally sustainable future.


Online Workshop 23 March 2021 - EU Digital Markets Act

In this virtual seminar, with the aid of leading academics, major platforms and their users and challengers, we explore the rationale behind the Digital Markets Act and tackle key questions around its design and impact.


European Data Economy: Between Competition and Regulation

In the context of the political debate on the so-called "data economy", access to data and data exchange, this WIK-Consult study provides the relevant expertise necessary for understanding the debate.

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