Webinar-Reihe „Mittelstand-Digital Spotlight: Cloud & KI“

Die bei der WIK-Consult angesiedelte Begleitforschung des Förderschwerpunkts „Mittelstand-Digital“ bietet in Zusammenarbeit mit den Zentren des Netzwerks unter dem Titel „Mittelstand-Digital Spotlight: Cloud & KI“ eine Fortsetzung der „Spotlight“ –...


CDO-Forum - Digitale Kaffeerunde für Digitalisierungsverantwortliche aus deutschen Kommunen „Digitale Strategie und OZG-Umsetzung am Beispiel des Rostock Business Projekts“

Raik Writschan, Teamleiter für Digitalisierung der Hanse- und Universitätsstadt Rostock, berichtete, wie Rostock das Onlinezugangsgesetz (OZG) organisatorisch angeht.


Acceleration of broadband network roll-out

Study for the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport develops recommendations for a faster roll-out of mobile and fixed broadband networks.


WIK-Consult / ICF online workshop 27 January 2022

WIK-Consult, together with ICF and EcoAct have been tasked with providing support to the European Commission on the review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive (BCRD), through the study VIGIE 2020-0647. In this context, we are organising a public online...


CDO-Forum - Digitale Kaffeerunde SPEZIAL - Interaktiver Workshop zum Wegweiser Kommune

Aufgrund der großen Nachfrage wurde eine zweite Digitale Kaffeerunde speziell zum Wegweiser Kommune angeboten. Die Projektverantwortlichen des Musterdatenkatalogs für Kommunen und des Wegweisers Kommune der Bertelsmann Stiftung stellten in diesem interaktiven...


Specification of technical requirements for the USO broadband internet access service

WIK and zafaco have submitted an expert opinion for BNetzA on the determination of service specific data transmission rate [Mbps] and latency [ms] requirements.


No. 481: Competition and regulation in the platform and data economy

This discussion paper presents the results of a structured literature review on the platform and data economy literature and an overview of existing regulatory approaches.More...


Research Brief The role of alternative letter service providers in growing e-commerce

Growing e-commerce offers opportunities for alternative letter service providers in Germany. The brief study illustrates with case studies which strategies alternative letter services pursue and the challenges they face.More...


Research Brief Trust in data processing

Seals and certificates verify the trustworthiness of data processing. A large number of quality marks are on the market in Germany - also for SMEs?More...


Research Brief Implementing AI in SMEs - The availability of training data and promotion of open data structures

The study focuses on the implementation of artificial intelligence in SMEs. In addition to high-quality data, this requires stringent integration in all areas of the company.More...

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