Open Data use and re-use: Widening the approach towards "free flow of data

Presentation of Martina Barbero and Annette Hillebrand at the Digital Executive Club of Idate and WIK on 4 October 2018 in BrusselsMore...


Newsletter Nr. 112 | September 2018

Der neue WIK Newsletter mit Berichten aus der laufenden Arbeit des WIK und Berichten von Veranstaltungen ist erschienenMore...


Aktuelle Lage der IT-Sicherheit in KMU. Ergebnisse einer deutschlandweiten Repräsentativerhebung

Presentation of Dr. Iris Henseler-Unger and Annette Hillebrand at the Fachveranstaltung IT-Sicherheit für KMU im Rahmen der Initiative Digitales Hessen der Landesregierung on 25 September 2018More...


Externalitäten der Digitalisierung und Marktversagen

Presentation of Iris Henseler-Unger at the Workshop: Digitale Ordnungspolitik on 19 September 2018 in BerlinMore...


Dynamic Development of Cross-border E-commerce through Efficient Parcel Delivery

WIK-Consult presented first results of their study at the public stakeholder workshop of the European Commission „Delivering for the future II: Workshop on developments in the postal sector” on 19 September 2018 in BrusselsMore...


Framework for the Gigabit world 2025 +

WIK identifies the requirements of the gigabit world 2025+ on competition policy and regulation.


IT security in SMEs - event organized by WIK and HTAI Hessen

State Secretary Mathias Samson will open a specialist event for IT security experts and interested companies on the situation of IT security in SMEs at the Haus der Wirtschaft Südhessen on 25th September. Best practice examples provide concrete...


No. 430 Co-investment models for the rollout of FTTB/H infrastructures

WIK discussion paper discusses co-invest from an economic point of view and presents experiences from abroad. It becomes obvious, that co-investment models can pave the path to comprehensive gigabit networks in Germany. Potential negative competitive effects...More...


No. 429: Broadband infrastructure and the future use of audiovisual content

The consumption of audiovisual content via the internet has been increasing for years. The presented discussion paper investigates the future development of the consumption of audiovisual content via the internet and the implications for broadband...More...


No. 428: Drivers and barriers to commercially negotiated access to alternative FTTB/H network infrastructures

Open Access is considered a possible new paradigm for the German broadband market. The present discussion paper analyses the experiences to date, points out relevant fields of action and dares an outlook on future developments.More...

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