No. 471: Consumer IoT in Germany – applications and possible need for regulation

The number of connected products for end consumers rises continuously. The discussion paper at hand presents important fields of applications and discusses potential issues with regard to competition, data and consumer protection. More...


No. 470: Impact of coverage obligations on mobile network coverage in the EU

Mobile coverage is always subject of controversial political and technical discussions. Using econometric measurement methods, the impact on mobile coverage is investigated.More...


Digital Markets Act - Impact Assessment support study

As part of a research consortium, WIK identifies problem areas related to gatekeeper platforms and assesses the impact of the Digital Markets Act.


No. 469: Cloud services and AI-as-a-Service – Current and potential application scenarios and market developments

This study captures the current market situation in the AI-as-a-Service market segment, identifies business strategies of the major providers and key influencing factors of market developments.More...


No. 468: The development of retail offers on the German mobile communications market 2017-2020

The variety of offers and intensity of competition differ significantly in the various user segments on the German mobile telephony market.More...


No. 467: Platform multihoming - A consumer perspective

This discussion paper examines the current use of various platforms that can be classified as part of the sharing economy on the basis of an online consumer survey conducted by WIK.More...


No. 466: Joint production in the delivery market: Letter networks with parcels or parcel networks with letters?

The postal markets are undergoing profound structural change. This has an impact on the quality and organisation of delivery of letters and parcels.More...


No. 465: Econometric analysis of FTTB/H roll-out activity in Europe

Econometric Analyses point to inter-platform competition between cable and fibre. However, broadband cable could lose its attractiveness as a shared medium in relation to fibre in the future.More...


No. 464: Incumbents requesting wholesale services on FTTB/H networks

Frequently alternative network operators invest as a first-mover in FTTH-roll-out. Six country case studies highlight cross-border patterns, drivers and barriers for wholebuy relationships with incumbent operators.More...


No. 463: The negative auction as an instrument for supply of white spots with mobile services

Negative auctions to close white spots in mobile communications are scrutinized in detail from a regulatory-economic point of view and compared with other instruments like voluntary commitments, coverage obligations in frequency assignments and state mobile...More...

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