No. 432: Letter products used for sending merchandise.

E-commerce grows and grows. This WIK study analyses the role of letter products (compared to parcels) for e-commerce delivery. Letter products are most used for the delivery of small, lightweight goods of low value. They will remain a reliable low-cost...More...


WIK Conference: Platforms. Data. Policy.

WIK’s first conference on online platforms and the data economy emphasizes the need for new analytical tools to support policymakers


WIK Conference: The future of connectivity, 16-17 October in Brussels

WIK‘s future of connectivity conference highlights deregulation opportunities for operators, mediation challenges for regulators, no end-game in sight for telecom policy.


Innovative Anwendungen mit Mobilitätsdaten – Internationale Fallbeispiele

Alex Dieke und Julia Wielgosch stellen bei der mFUND-Konferenz in Berlin am 16. Oktober 2018 die neue Studie der mFUND-Begleitforschung des WIK vor. Innovative Anwendungen mit Mobilitätsdaten können Verkehr verlässlicher, sicherer, kostengünstiger und...


No. 431: Data collection and usage by OTT services

Consumers are concerned with the utilization of their personal data no matter which online service they use. More...


Hybridpost in Deutschland

Presentation of Antonia Niederprüm at the Postmarktforum 2018 „Zukunft Brief – Moderne Kommunikationswege“ on 9 October 2018More...


How to regulate declining mail markets: trends and challenges in Europe

Presentation of Alex Dieke at the Post-EXPO Conference / Session: Regulation and Policy on 9 October 2018More...


Digitalisierung und Briefmarkt - Erfahrungen in Ausland, Trends, Ausblick

Presentation of Alex Dieke at the Postforum des Bundesverbandes Briefdienste e.V. on 8. Oktober 2018More...


Open Data use and re-use: Widening the approach towards "free flow of data

Presentation of Martina Barbero and Annette Hillebrand at the Digital Executive Club of Idate and WIK on 4 October 2018 in BrusselsMore...


Newsletter Nr. 112 | September 2018

Der neue WIK Newsletter mit Berichten aus der laufenden Arbeit des WIK und Berichten von Veranstaltungen ist erschienenMore...

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