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Is the end of OTT-services growth phase near? How can OTT providers monetise their services?


Digitalisation of the energy transition - Top Issue 3: Telco infrastructure and telco regulation

450 MHz as opportunity for the energy transition: BMWi publishes report on the tele-communication infrastructure for the digitalisation of the energy transition.


Canned Intelligence

More and more consumers use voice assistants. But will this trend continue? WIK and Hochschule Fresenius – University of Applied Science take a closer look in their latest research brief.


No. 445: The economic relevance and development prospects of blockchain: analyses for the telecommunication and energy market

Blockchain technology may be applied in the telecommunications and energy market, but there remain questions to be answeredMore...


No. 444: Broadband Access via Satellite in Germany - State of Market Development and Development Prospects

Can Broadband Internet via satellite be an alternative to fixed and mobile network Internet access technologies in Germany?More...


Technological Developments and Roaming

Despite substantial changes in the technology and services landscape, there is no case for significant changes to the rules applying to international roaming by travelers within the EU


No. 443: Infrastructure Sharing and 5G: Requirements for Regulation, new competitive constellations

The generation of new 5G services requires a further roll-out of existing network infrastructures and an increasing density of transmitters and sites in order to generate the necessary area coverage. Thus infrastructure sharing is increasingly gaining in...More...


Neue Märkte – neue Technologien – Die Frequenzversteigerung 2019

In den Monaten März bis Juni 2019 fand unter großer Aufmerksamkeit die 5G-Auktion in Deutschland statt. Die bisherigen Erfahrungen mit den Frequenzversteigerungen in Deutschland sprechen dafür, auch in Zukunft das bewährte Auktionsverfahren in Deutschland zur...


No. 442: Impact of HFC networks on FTTx investment in Europe

Empirical analysis for the period between 2011 and 2017 reveals a complex interplay between HFC- and FTTx-roll-out. Overall, our results suggest that in the EU 28 no comprehensive market-driven overbuilding of the HFC areas by FTTP infrastructure is to be...More...


No. 441: Voice Assistants in Germany

More and more consumers use voice assistants. But their adoption raises new challenges for policymakers and regulators. Our discussion paper No. 441 identifies and discusses these challenges. More...

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