Supporting the implementation of CEF2 Digital

Supporting the European Commission in scoping the required budget needed to meet the actions identified under CEF Digital


Competition and investment in the Danish broadband market

WIK conducts study on behalf of the Danish Energy Agency.


WIK publishes study on the Danish Telecommunications market in the year 2030

WIK study on behalf of the Danish Energy Agency analyzes trends in the telecom sector over the coming 10 years.


Digital platforms as an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises

The study for Mittelstand-Digital analyses relevant applications, opportunities and obstacles as well as the need for promotion of application of digital platforms in the context of small and medium-sized enterprises.


Anforderungen an einen neuen Universaldienst aus Sicht der Verbraucher

Presentation of Sonja Thiele at the PDL-Forum on 28 November 2019More...


No. 456: Parallel glass fibre expansions on the basis of co-laying and co-use as opportunities for the creation of infrastructure competition

WIK Discussion Paper calculates saving potential for infrastructure duplication based on co-laying, co-use and 4-fiber model. More...


WIK report assesses impacts of different wholesale pricing models on the Australian broadband market

WIK develops a market model to forecast the take-up of NBN services until 2024 under different wholesale pricing scenarios and estimates the GDP effects of these scenarios.


No. 455: Mobile M2M communication in Germany

Market researchers expect high growth in the M2M/IoT sector. At the same time, there are no dedicated forecasts on the development of mobile radio-based M2M communications in Germany. The discussion paper at hand closes this gap.More...


No. 454: Developments in the market for newspapers and periodicals

WIK study analyses volumes and sales channels of newspapers and periodicals, and ultimately on delivery markets in Germany.More...


18th Königswinter Postal Seminar

The 18th Königswinter Postal Seminar was held from 9 to 10 December 2019. Presentations are available for download.

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