Proceeding Nr. 8: Karl-Heinz Neumann, Sonia Strube Martins, Ulrich Stumpf (Eds.)

Price Regulation

Contributions to the WIK Seminar on Regulatory Economics
Königswinter,19 - 21 November 2001

WIK started a series of seminars on Regulatory Economics which will bring together an international forum of regulatory economists from research institutions, regulatory authorities and industry research once or twice a year. The first seminar took place in the Gästehaus Petersberg from 19 - 21 November 2001 and dealt with the issues which currently dominate the discussion about price regulation.

In the context of the relation between price regulation on wholesale and retail markets, the seminar e. g. addressed the problems of price squeeze. Price bundling and optional tariffs can be observed quite often in the telecommunications sector and were also discussed in the seminar. From an economic and regulatory perspective they do not necessarily hinder competition but there are cases where they have anti-competitive effects. The conflict between minute based prices for interconnection services and the offer of flat rate services for end-users brought up the issue of regulation of internet flat rates and capacity based charging.

Der vorliegende Konferenzband enthält die folgenden Beiträge:

  • Introduction to the WIK Seminar
    Matthias Kurth

  • Wholesale/Retail Pricing in Telecom Markets
    Prof. Dr. Günter Knieps

  • Price Squeeze-Problems and Initial Solutions in the Dutch Telephony Market
    Prof. Dr. Jens Arnbak, Daan Vrijmoet

  • The Experience of Deutsche Telekom with Optional Tariffs
    Dr. Frank Schmidt, Dr. Axel Wehmeier, Hasan Alkas

  • A Note on Bundling with some Applications to Telecommunications
    Prof. Dr. Martin Cave

  • The Economics of Internet Flat Rates
    Dr. Marc Bourreau

  • Determining Interconnection Charges Based on Network Capacity Utilized
    Prof. Dr. Ingo Vogelsang
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