Proceeding Nr. 7: Gabriele Kulenkampff, Hilke Smit (Eds.)

Liberalisation of Postal Markets

Papers presented at the 6th Königswinter Seminar, 19 - 21 February 2001

The aim of the 6th Königswinter Seminar in Postal Economics held in Königs-winter (Germany), 19-21 February 2001, under the heading Liberalisation of Postal markets was to provide an overview of different policies towards liberalisation. For countries which opened up their Postal market to a larger extent than prescribed by the European directive, case studies – including USA and New Zealand – were presented. On that basis the inadequacies of the proposed directive and its impacts on market development were discussed. Furthermore, perspectives on how the framework should be adjusted as well as the importance of anti-trust policy had been provided within the seminar. This book now makes the majority of papers presented at the Seminar available to a wider readership.


Criteria for evaluating rebate schemes of dominant firms
Carl C. von Weizsäcker

The problem of cross subsidies and predatory pricing in regulated markets
William E. Kovacic

Market development in Germany – The role of value added services
Cara Schwarz-Schilling

Removing regulatory barriers – The New Zealand experience
Hilke Smit

Impacts of using worksharing to liberalize a Postal market
Robert H. Cohen, William W. Ferguson, John D. Waller, Spyros S. Xenakis

Competition in the Swedish Postal market
Sten Selander

The Postal market in the Netherlands: Liberalisation and privatisation
Gilbert Aerts

Remailing – Catalyst for liberalising the European Postal markets?
James I. Campbell, Jr.

Steps towards liberalisation of European Postal markets: The new EU-Directive proposal
Paul Waterschoot

Opening up the German Postal market to competition: The case of asymmetric European liberalisation
Gabriele Kulenkampff

Liberalisation of German Postal markets?
Martin Hellwig and Melanie Paulus

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