Proceeding Nr. 5: Dieter Elixmann, Peter Kürble (Eds.)

Multimedia - Potentials and Challenges from an Economic Perspective.

Papers presented at the WIK Workshop Königswinter, 3-4 December 1996


Introduction to the Workshop
Dieter Elixmann and Peter Kürble

Part I: Technological Issues

Multimedia Communications: Technological Developments and Options
Federico Kuhlmann

Part II: Competition Policy and Regulatory Issues

Regulation and Concentration Policy in the Media Markets
Jörn Kruse

Antitrust vs. Sector Specific Approaches in Regulating Telecommunications Markets
Ingo Vogelsang

Institutionalization of Mediamatics Regulation for Converging Markets
Michael Latzer

Part III: Potentials of Broadband Infrastructure

Strategic Potentials of Broadband Network Infrastructure and their Exploitation
Paul J.J. Welfens and Robert Pelzel

Experiences from the Cable Network Market in Germany
Bernd Jäger

Part IV: Demand Side Issues

Consumption of Mass Media: Analysis and Outlook
Peter Kürble

Application Potentials of Multimedia Services in the Firm
Arnold Picot and Rahild Neuburger

Part V: Players in the Value Chain

Common Carriers' Entry into Multimedia Services
Massimo G. Colombo and Paola Garrone

Supplier Groups and Strategies in Emerging Multimedia Market Segments
Torsten J. Gerpott with the collaboration of Henrik Hermann

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