Proceeding Nr. 4: Ulrich Stumpf, Monika Plum (Eds.)

Diffusion of new regulatory approaches in the postal sector.

Papers presented at the 4th Königswinter Seminar Königsawinter 23-25 October 1996


  1. European Postal Policy: A Neeed for Change
    John Rietbroek
  2. Legislative Proposals to Reform the Postal Law in the United States
    James I. Campbell
    Comments: Thomas M. Sharkey
  3. The New Regulatory Framework in France: Assessments and Prospects
    Yann Petel
  4. Reorganisation of the Postal Sector in Germany
    Peter Knauth and Friedhelm Dommermuth
  5. Deregulation of the Postal Market: The Swedish Experience
    Sten Selander
  6. Predatory Pricing Standards and Competition in Postal Areas
    William E. Kovacic
  7. Current Competition Law Issues in Regard to the De-(Re-)Regulation of the Swedish Postal Services Market
    Erik Nerep
  8. Fair Competition on Postal Markets - Key Elements
    Michael Els and Klaus Müller
  9. Pathways to Postal Commercialisation: Striking a Balance between Reductions in Regulation and Scope of the Reserved Sector
    Thomas M. Sharkey and David E. Treworgy
  10. Postal Pricing: Ramsey Prices and Efficient Component Prices
    Robert W. Mitchell and Robert H. Cohen and Ed H. Chu
  11. Mail Volume Forecasting and Postal Regulation Issues
    George Tolley and Peter Bernstein
  12. Do we Have the Right Standards for Universal Service
    Wolfgang Elsenbast
  13. Quality-of-Service Monitoring and Related Financial Incentives
    Bjarne Sørensen
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