Proceeding Nr. 2: Ulrich Stumpf, Wolfgang Elsenbast (Eds.)

Cost of Universal Service.

Papers presented at the 3rd Königswinter Seminar Königswinter 6-8 November 1995


  1. European Postal Policy Update
    Monika Baumanns
  2. Universal Service and Legal Policy
    Ralf Wojtek
  3. The Cost of Universal Service Obligations in a Competitive Environment
    Wolfgang Elsenbast and Ulrich Stumpf
  4. Universal Service Obligation and Reserved Sector
    Jeanne Golay and Ian Dobbs
  5. A Regional Cost Benefit Analysis of the Universal Service in Switzerland
    Max Arnet
  6. The Cost of Universal Service Obligation - The German Perspective
    Kathrin Kowalewski and Klaus Müller
  7. Benefits of Letter Mail Monopoly: Measuring Returns to Scale in Delivery
    Robert Cohen and Ed Chu
  8. Meeting Universal Service Obligations in Competitive Telecommunications Markets: Lessons for the Postal Sector
    Martin Cave
  9. The Legal Definition of Universal Service in Postal and Telecommunications Sectors
    Jim Campbell
  10. The Consumer and Supply of Postal Services in the EU
    Antoine Van der haegen
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