Current Publications


Broadband from the stratosphere

WIK report presents the characteristics of HAPS technology and discusses its potential for the provision of broadband services in rural areas.


Support study accompanying the evaluation of the Commission Notice on the definition of relevant market for the purposes of Community competition law

This study elaborates the principles and best practices for defining relevant markets that can inform the evaluation of the European Commission's Market Definition Notice (MDN).


Navigating the password jungle - Digital user authentication

Consumers have a variety of options when it comes to digital user log-ins. They can use individualized passwords, single sign-on solutions, password managers or biometric methods. This research brief examines which authentication methods and solutions...


Let’s stay home!

In the fifth edition of the research brief series on communication behaviour and media use in Germany, we present the latest survey results from 2020 on the use of internet-based communication and media services.


Online advertising: the impact of targeted advertising on advertisers, market access and consumer choice

The study by WIK-Consult, Crids and VVA on behalf of the European Parliament identifies opportunities and risks of targeted online advertising and develops approaches to address these from a regulatory perspective.


Neutral fibre and the European Green Deal

The study shows that modern fibre-optic infrastructures help to counter climate change.


Future regional – digital: Feasibility study on data infrastructures in the Rhenish mining area

Feasibility study on the requirements and potential for a hyperscale data center with integrated data hub and connected digital park for the state of NRW


WIK-Consult researched the impact of price and delivery frequency on demand for postal services

What drives the demand for postal services in Belgium?


Impact of labelling on full fibre adoption

This study by WIK-Consult on behalf of CityFibre provides evidence of the extent of consumer confusion and the effectiveness of a labeling system in the UK broadband market.


European Data Economy: Between Competition and Regulation

In the context of the political debate on the so-called "data economy", access to data and data exchange, this WIK-Consult study provides the relevant expertise necessary for understanding the debate.

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