With our analytical bottom-up cost models, we have developed a tool that is applicable to a series of regulatory questions. 

With WIK’s cost models, "long run incremental cost" can become operational and can be calculated. Our cost models have been used in many regulatory decisions within European countries and further afield. They can be applied to the determination of interconnection rates, the rates for unbundled local loop in traditional copper or new NGA architecture, price control, and calculation of costs of universal service obligations in telecommunications and postal services. 

We keep our cost models up to date and in line with the progress of communications technology and regulatory development. 

We also use our know-how to design and/or analyse business cases and for strategic consultancy during the planning or development of new business segments in telecommunication markets (e.g. NGA). Furthermore, we produce benchmarks for regulatory frameworks or decisions and telecommunications market conditions.  

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Dr. Thomas Plückebaum
Head of Department
Networks and Costs

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