• Development and implementation of analytical cost models. These can be used to calculate the long run incremental costs (LRIC, LRIC+, pure LRIC) of post and telecommunication networks (national aggregation and core network, local loop, mobile networks (2G, 3G, LTE, mixed), broadband networks (ATM, Ethernet), IP bitstream, Layer 2 bitstream, leased lines, NGN/NGA, cable TV, postal network) as a basis of regulatory decision-making (price regulation and assessment of the proof of costs delivered by the operators)
  • Consulting services on interconnection services, MTR (Mobile Termination Rates), FTR (Fixed Termination Rates), transit, peering, interconnection for PSTN and VoIP
  • Consulting services on margin squeeze
  • Consulting services on unbundled network access, Unbundled Local Loop (ULL), street cabinet, Subloop Unbundling (SLU), Virtual Unbundled Local Access (VULA)
  • Consulting services on implementation of VDSL vectoring (including bonding and phantoming) and
  • Consulting services on G.PON/XG.PON, TWDM-PON and DWDM-PON
  • Analyses of cost structures and telecommunication networks
  • Cost studies of network services/business cases for Networks
  • Analysis of the influence of the PSTN migration towards NGN and/or NGA on regulation and competition, migration of PSTN to VoIP
  • Consulting services on regulatory and economic implications of NGA
  • Benchmark studies on the topics above
  • Consulting services on communications on smart grids

Our model portfolio covers all used and up-to-date network technologies and fixed and mobile network architectures.

The single modules can be operated in a stand-alone or combined manner, thus allowing a high degree of flexibility.

Our models are based on sound scientifically proven engineering rules that we use to design and optimise efficient networks, traffic dependent, starting with the distribution of end users in an area (country) and their use behaviour. 

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Dr. Thomas Plückebaum
Head of Department
Networks and Costs

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