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Dr Thomas Plückebaum studied Electrical Engineering and Economic Engineering at the RWTH Aachen. 1982 he started as assistant professor at the Institute for Electro Technology and Data Processing Systems and finished with a doctorate in Electrical Engineering. His research concentrated on parallel computing architectures and communication protocols.  

Between 1988 and 1995 he joined the Westdeutsche Landesbank EDP department, soon being responsible for designing, realizing and operating the worldwide data/voice corporate network and the inbuilding infrastructures. In addition he took a relevant part in the project of a harmonized EDP architecture of the German Saving Bank Association and was cofounder of ISIS Multimedia Net, Germany's first city carrier in 1994. From 1995 to 2000 Dr Plückebaum held several responsibilities as an Executive Director of communications and its predecessor RWE Telliance in the technical organisation, being responsible for the cooperation with local partners, later for the development of the national and international data network and the internet platform.  

Changing back to ISIS, a major regional carrier and broadband access provider to cover the administrative district of Düsseldorf ("City Carrier"), he was an Executive Director for the Network Technology and roll out. Main focus had been on the xDSL roll out and the growth management, the roll out of a Cable-TV and an Ethernet-MAN network and dedicated solutions for large business customers. In 2005 he was Director Technology of Arcor Region West and in parallel, until the finalization of the merge with ISIS Multimedia Net, he was CEO of ISIS.  

Dr Thomas Plückebaum joined WIK-Consult in August 2007 as a senior consultant. Since 10/2007 he is head of the department "Networks and Costs", since October 2015 authorised manager and since May 2017 Director of WIK. Beside cost modeling and wholesale product evaluation he is also engaged in the evaluation of new technologies for communication networks (e.g. LTE, NGN, NGA, Vectoring, SDN/NFV, ...) and communication structures for intelligent energy networks (smart grids).  

He has published a major amount of articles and speeches and has written many studies and comments on regulatory developments in the past decades in Germany and the EU for the German industry association Telecom e.V., where he is member of the board.

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Dr Thomas Plückebaum

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