Regulation, market analysis and international benchmarking in postal and logistics markets are key research and consulting activities for our "Postal Services and Logistics" department.

The role of postal services and logistics is changing as a result of digitisation and technological progress. Private consumers and business customers increasingly use various electronic media and less physical mail for communication. The same holds true for the newspaper market. However, the rapid growth of e-commerce is causing more and more merchandise to be shipped by mail and parcel services. E-retailers expect logistics providers to offer ever quicker, more transparent and flexible solutions for delivery. Effective mail and parcel services are critical success factors for a dynamic e-commerce sector.

At the same time, postal services are still strongly affected by regulation and sector policies. Under the header of "universal service", legislators and regulatory authorities protect customers’ interests in those postal markets in which no sustainable competition has yet developed. It remains a constant challenge for the policy-makers and regulators to adapt these regulatory frameworks to reflect market dynamics and the needs of a digital economy.

Our professionals in the "Postal Services and Logistics" department constantly carry out research concerning recent developments in the postal and logistics markets. We advise European institutions, national and international ministries, regulatory authorities, associations and companies regarding regulatory and strategic challenges in those markets. Our main activities are the development of legal frameworks and strategies concerning sector-specific regulation, e.g. questions of price and quality regulation, network access or the examination of the abuse of market power. We also focus on cost analyses in postal networks, logistics operations and infrastructure, international benchmarking, and international cooperation in the postal sector.

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Antonia Niederprüm
Head of Department
Postal Services and Logistics

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