Projects (selected)

  • Update of the study on endogenous factors in the price cap model for monopoly letter products services in Switzerland (2018), for the Swiss regulator BAKOM
  • Support in preparing tender documents for a TA assignment for the assessment, redesign and development of the modernisation of the logistics network for a postal services provider in Ukraine (2017) for the European Investment Bank
  • Designing a price cap model for monopoly letter services in Switzerland (2017), for the Swiss regulator BAKOM
  • Study on future scenarios for post (2017), for Citizens Advice UK
  • Comparing Dutch and Belgian postal markets, and discount practices (2017), for The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM)
  • Competition in European Mail Markets (2016-2017), for Poste Italiane
  • Technology and change in postal services - impacts on consumers (Long Version) (Short Version) (2015-2016), for Citizens Advice UK (with ITA Consulting)
  • Review of the Projected Costs within Royal Mail’s Business Plan (2015-2016) for the British Regulator (Ofcom)
  • International post metrics (2014-2016), yearly studies for the British regulatory and competition authority "Office of Communciations" (Ofcom)
  • Comparative market analysis of the profits of European postal companies (2015), for the German regulatory authority (BNetzA)
  • Regulatory Strategy for Pošta Slovenije: Regulatory Accounting and Network Access (2012), study for Pošta Slovenije
  • Analysis of International Postal Franchise Models (2012), study for the Office of Inspector General at the United States Postal Service (USPS)
  • Review of Postal Technologies in Europe (2011), study for the French Autorité de Regulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes (ARCEP)
  • Assessment of bpost's special tariffs for 2012 (2011), study for the Belgian regulatory authority "Belgian Institute for Postal services and Telecommunications" (BIPT)
  • Benchmarking Postal Regulation in the UK and Five Other Countries (2011), study for British Postcomm, Postal Services Commission
  • Consulting Services in Postal Sector Regulation (2011), on behalf of the Jordanian Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC)
  • Study on Profit Benchmarking of Rail Transport Services for an important European railway company (2011)  
  • Legal and economic analysis of the special tariffs for the services intended for non-residential customers, bulk mailers and consolidators (2010), Study for the Belgian regulator BIPT
  • Study on preparing a procurement of a system for measuring transit times for universal service letters and parcels in Germany (2010), Study for BNetzA the German Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway

  • The Net Cost of the Universal Service Obligations of Österreichische Post AG (2009), study for the Austrian regulatory authority RTR
  • Benchmarking of Cost and Profit Accounting of Certain Services Provided by Deutsche Post AG (2008-2009), study for the European Commission, DG Competition
  • Benchmarking Exercise of the Financial Information Provided to Regulators (2008), study for British Postcomm, Postal Services Commission

Additionally we refer to the WIK Discussion Papers, where we publish many results from our research projects.

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