2nd ENERGISE Workshop in Berlin

On 3.-4. March 2016, the telecommunications and the energy sector came together in Berlin to discuss communication solutions for smart grids. The ENERGISE project provides at European level a unique platform for the exchange of experiences, strategies and hurdles in the context of implementing smart grids. The 65 participants from 22 countries showed great interest to gain an insight into the activities in other countries. They praised the initiative and stressed that this kind of discussion is highly needed.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Assess ways in which both sectors may co-operate in future communications infrastructure deployment for smart grids
  • Describe possible scenarios for joint future communications infrastructure deployment
  • Map the processes & needs to overcome the barriers that hinder joint usage of existing infrastructure

Johanna Bott, from the WIK department Markets and Perspectives presented the results of a European survey of the telecommunications and the energy sectors. Most notably, the vast majority of respondents assumes that cooperation across sectors will take place for all identified smart grid use cases, and there is a strong implication that shared infrastructure will be implemented in cooperation.

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