Workshop related to NGN issues for the Hungarian regulatory agency

On 11 and 12 June 2008 Dieter Elixmann and Scott Marcus have organised a series of workshops related to NGN issues for the Hungarian regulatory agency NHH in Budapest . The objective of these consultancy services to NHH was the provision of all possible information on relevant developments since the completion of the study "The Regulation of Next Generation Networks (NGN)" that WIK-Consult together with Infrapont Kft., Budapest , has submitted to NHH in May 2007.

The following thematic issues were addressed:

  • General overview and follow-up with emphasis on what has happened since the study;
  • NGA issues with equal emphasis on DSL, cable, fiber and wireless technologies, as well as on regulatory policies concerning NGA (access, sharing, etc.);
  • NGN issues in Germany with special emphasis on the strategy and policy of DTAG, the role and position of the regulator, and the interaction of the market players;
  • Role of cable in next generation broadband – development and regulatory policies (with emphasis on information on the Netherlands , Belgium , Denmark , as well as on the US and Canada );
  • The future of interconnection under NGN with special emphasis on the issues concerning service oriented interconnection (SoIx);
  • Issues regarding VoIP;
  • Service and application layer access issues (together with network neutrality).
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