International Conference

"Fibre Networks: Demand and analyses of costs and benefits"

June 6 - 7 2011, Berlin, Germany

On 6th and 7th of June 2011 the international WIK-conference on "Fibre Networks - Demand and analyses of costs and benefits" took place.

The event served as a platform for discussion between representatives of regulators, carriers, service providers and independent market expert from all over the world. Besides European participants from various countries also representatives from Japan, New Zealand, USA, Canada and South Africa joined the conference.

The sessions, key notes and panel discussions focused on critical issues related to current and future demand for broadband internet access and services. In addition to that, it aimed at addressing aspects relevant for the evaluation of the costs and benefits of fibre networks.

In the course of the first day, empirical evidence on broadband demand in USA, Japan, Scotland, Germany and Europe as a whole was presented and discussed. Moreover, the results of two empirical studies on economic and social benefits of broadband were presented. Finally, the political view on the demand for broadband and cost-benefit aspects were addressed in a panel discussion.

The second day was first of all focused on service development, mainly the potential and challenges of cloud services and the cross-sectoral aspects of future broadband service provision. Moreover, the evaluation of fixed and mobile services as complements or substitutes was addressed. Finally, the conference was closed with a panel discussion of market players about their experiences and expectations with respect to broadband networks and service provision.

The presentations are available for download.

See also WIK Newsletter No. 83, June 2011 (in German).

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