Public Workshop

Access and interoperability standards to promote the internal market

8 July 2015 Avenue Beaulieu 25, 1160 Brussels

The European Commission (DG Connect) has engaged WIK-Consult and TNO to conduct an investigation into access and interoperability standards for the promotion of the internal market for electronic communications (SMART 2014/0023). The study evaluates the status of supply and demand for active wholesale products in Europe. A key objective is to assess whether effective common specifications of key products might facilitate access and interoperability amongst different wholesale offers and thereby boost coverage and competition in the provision of high speed broadband services to consumers and businesses, including multi-national corporations. The main products considered are layer 2 (ethernet) and layer 3 (IP) bitstream and Ethernet leased lines. The scope of the study covers technical, process and service characteristics, but not pricing.

The purpose of this workshop is to seek feedback from stakeholders on the interim findings from the study, and to debate what might be the most appropriate mechanisms to achieve further standardisation of wholesale products in Europe, in cases where this may be warranted. The results of the study are intended to provide an input both into current questions around wholesale product and service definitions and to wider policy questions in the context of potential future EU initiatives related to interoperability.

The prgramme as well as the presentations are availabe for download.

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