6 April 2016, Avenue Beaulieu 25, 1160 Brussels

WIK-Consult is undertaking, in conjunction with IDATE and Deloitte, a study on ‘Regulatory, in particular access, regimes for network investment models in Europe’ (SMART 2015/0002) on behalf of the European Commission DG Connect. The study will contribute evidence and analytical insights in support of the Commission’s ongoing Review of the Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications – with a specific focus on the promotion of competition and investment in Next Generation Access networks, and the associated regulatory regime and institutional framework (including the article 7 process and BEREC set-up).

When we refer to access-related provisions, we mean the provisions in the electronic communications Framework which relate to (i) the objectives given to national regulatory authorities, and specifically those concerning the promotion of competition, efficient investment and innovation;1 (ii) the ex ante market analysis process and imposition of remedies on operators with Significant Market Power (SMP);2 (iii) symmetric obligations which apply to all operators on facility-sharing,3 access and/or interconnection;4 and (iv) the mechanisms to ensure the consistent application of these tools including the roles played by National Regulatory Authorities,5 the Commission6 and BEREC.7

The purpose of this workshop is to seek feedback from stakeholders on the interim findings from the study, and to debate what might be the most appropriate mechanisms to achieve dynamic competition and investment in fast broadband networks for the future. The results of the study will provide input to the Commission’s evaluation of the current access provisions in the EU Framework for electronic communications as well as the Impact Assessment of potential options for legislative change in this field.

Please register to attend by sending your name, company, date of birth, nationality and passport/ID numberand expiry date to Kathrin Frieters (access(at)  The closing date for registrations is 1 April 2016. A copy of the presentation of interim findings will also circulated by this date.


1   Article 8 of the EU Framework Directive for electronic communications
2Article 14-16 Framework Directive, Article 8-13b Access Directive
3Article 12 Framework Directive
4Articles 4-5 Access Directive
5Article 3 Framework Directive
6 In its role within the article 7 process and as the instigator of Recommendations and Decisions (Article 19 Framework Directive)
7Roles as outlined in the BEREC Regulation

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