Challenges for FTTB/H in Europe

On March 23/24 2009 WIK’s international conference on challenges for fibre roll-out in Europe took place in the heart of the German capital city. The event was truly international with delegates from 27 countries and about a third of the 170 participants coming from Germany.

The conference addressed key issues such as

  • What are the specific characteristics and advantages of Point-To-Point and Passive Optical Networks?
  • What are lessons learned from international carriers who are already commercially selling services on FTTB/H?
  • How should regulatory questions such as the mutualisation point for access be approached?
  • How can the bn-€ investments for FTTB/H be financed and by whom?
  • What are the strategies of governments to ensure widescale deployment of Next Generation Access?
  • What are the critical impact factors on the business case for FTTB/H?

Key Speakers

  • Henry Ergas, Chairman, Concept Economics , Australia
  • Timotheus Höttges, Board Member, T-Home , Germany
  • Kip Meek, Chairman Broadband Stakeholder Group, UK
  • Galit Wellner, Board Member, FTTH Council Europe
  • Alf Henryk Wulf, Chairmen of the Board, Alcatel-Lucent , Germany
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