Online Workshops 19 and 21 Januar 2021

The new EC Recommendation on Relevant Markets: key changes and implications for the sector

In December 2020, alongside the application of the EU Electronic Communications Code, the European Commission will adopt a new version of the Recommendation on Relevant Markets susceptible to ex ante regulation. In reaching its preliminary conclusions, the Commission took into account – amongst other inputs – the findings of a study prepared by WIK-Consult on “Future electronic communications markets susceptible to ex ante regulation.” The draft version of the Recommendation published in August 2020 suggests that major changes can be expected, with the proposed removal of SMP regulation on termination markets and bitstream access and a narrowing of the list of the recommended markets down to just two markets – addressing Wholesale Local Access and Wholesale Dedicated Capacity.

WIK is conducting two online workshops on the implications of the new relevant markets recommendation. On 19 January 2021 Kamila Kloc from the European Commission, will provide an overview of the Recommendation, highlight key changes and expected impacts for NRAs and stakeholders. The authors of the study will explore

  • Key market and technological developments in the telecom sector which underlie changes to the Recommendation;
  • What is changing in the Recommendation and why;
  • Implications for national regulatory authorities on the delineation of markets for consumer broadband, and business use and the potential consequences for the finding of Significant Market Power;
  • Recommended principles for geographic market definition and how this may affect the segmentation of markets and remedies;
  • Potential impacts for telecoms network and service providers and implications for competition and investment in the sector. 

The market and competition conditions differ significantly between the member states. Therefore, on 21 January 2021 WIK invites to a second workshop where we will take a deep dive into the implications of the new relevant markets recommendation for electronic communication markets in Germany. The second workshop will be held in German.

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