Here you will find selected presentations by staff and guests of the Institute. The presentations provided here only represent the opinion of the respective author.


Very high capacity broadband communication networks: Who invests?

WIK at the anniversary conference 50 years IntereconomicsMore...


German Broadband Strategy: Do citizens and medium sized businesses really get what they need?

WIK presents the essentials of two studies to fibre deployments.More...


Economies of Scope in Delivering Parcels and Letters Together

WIK presented results from its research program on the annual Conference on Postal and Delivery EconomicsMore...


Broadband – Who needs what when?

WIK presents a preview of its most recent studies at VATM-General Meeting. More...


„Bettertainment“ – Economic significance and potential in accordance with protection of consumers, data and young people

Dr. Iris Henseler-Unger presents the results of WIK’s study at 19. DVTM-General MeetingMore...


European electronic communications framework review

WIK presents a first insight in the planned European electronic communications framework reviewMore...


Broadband 2025: Techniques, demand, strategies

Dr. Iris Henseler-Unger, WIK’s General Manager, presents main results and recommendations of our study for the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and EnergyMore...


Net neutrality as driver or obstacle for business models of German carriers

WIK presents results of its recent studies on demand for broadband and net neutrality at 17. ZfTM-Conference in DuisburgMore...


Financing the postal universal service in the USA

Invited by the USPS Office of the Inspector General (OIG), WIK presents a study to a stakeholder workshop on 30 April 2016 at the OIG offices in Arlington, VaMore...


Completing the Internal Market for Parcel Delivery and E-Commerce - State of Play and Possible Reforms

Alex Dieke speaks at European Parliament Working Group on the Digital Single MarketMore...

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