Study on the optics / optical technology sector’s potential in the region Mittelhessen

The optics / optical industry represent a key pillar for the economic development of the region Mittelhessen. On behalf of the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (THM), WIK has estimated , that the total turnover of all the companies of the sector in the region amounts to 4,2 billion Euro per year. These companies employ around 22.000 people. In comparison, the total turnover for this industry in Germany was estimated to be 52,3 billion Euros per year. Around 273.000 employees work in the sector.

Based on the study results, specific requirements were derived for the optical center in Mittelhessen and the associated endowment professorship that is currently being set up.

In order to evaluate the present situation in the industry, a survey of companies in the sector was conducted. The results for the companies in the region and the rest of Germany were compared in respect to their assessment of trends and growth drivers, innovations, locations, and skilled employees.

The study in German language is available for download.

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