For Your Eyes and Ears - Streaming services in Germany 2017

Music and video streaming services have increasing their user numbers in Germany continuously over the past years. Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Video have made their way into Germany’s living rooms, smartphones, tablets and computers. The digital libraries of public broadcasters have been similarly successful. Just like the two preceding studies by WIK and Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, the present one explores the apparent changes in the way that consumers in Germany enjoy music and audio-visual content.

Next to the focus on audio-visual media usage patterns, the study addresses two current themes. First, we examine the impact that the growing popularity of streaming services has had on the sales of devices. Specifically, we show if and how new demand for devices like headphones and smart TV sets emerges. Second, the study explores augmented and virtual reality formats as completely new ways of enjoying audio-visual content. We try and find out whether these formats may be heading for the mass market as it has often been stipulated before.

For the present study, we conducted a representative survey of 2,036 consumers in Germany. To interpret these results, we added 20 semi-structured individual interviews with consumers.

The study is available for download.

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