10 leverages to achieve nationwide gigabit infrastructures

To remain competitive Germany needs to develop  towards a connected and digitised society. It will require joint efforts by all the players involved to achieve this goal. This applies in particular to the urgently needed full coverage of gigabit-capable telecommu-nications infrastructures. Suitable political, administrative and regulatory framework condi-tions can support the industry in accomplishing this task.

Against this backdrop, WIK has identified 10 leverages that can accelerate the path to the gigabit society in Germany on behalf of the VATM.

We expect the strongest effects from accelerated and simplified permission procedures and a more intensive use of alternative deployment methods. In broadband funding, there is a need for clear prioritisation of public funds to structurally underserved areas. Finally, progress towards gigabit infrastructures will also depend on the competitiveness of the markets as high take-up rates can be better achieved if customers have choice between different providers and portfolios.

The study (only in German language) is available for download.

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