Secure digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises

Opportunities and challenges in ISMS implementation and certification

Increasing digitization also means that companies are confronted with new threats to their IT and information security. Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) are suitable for strategically deriving and implementing the necessary individual protective measures and developing a suitable strategy for protecting the company. So far, these have rarely been used in small and medium-sized enterprises. A survey of experts in the Mittelstand-Digital network shows why this is the case, what benefits companies can expect from an ISMS and what the current challenges are in this area. The findings from this survey are also explicitly intended to encourage companies to deal with the topic and support them in the (gradual) introduction of an ISMS. In this publication, we therefore present various free and vendor-neutral offerings that enable SMEs to achieve an appropriate level of protection for their information security.

(The study is only available in German)

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