TV or not TV?

The present research brief like the preceding ones aims to shed light on the changing streaming services usage patterns of consumers in Germany. They use traditional media less and less whilst counting on music and video streaming services for their entertainment. But can the success story of Deezer and Spotify, Amazon and Netflix continue?

The results presented in this research brief point to a slowdown in the growth of streaming services’ usage intensity by German consumers. At the same time, new entrants push into the market especially for video streaming. Apple and Disney are the most well-known competitors having announced new service offers. They have been lured in by the tremendous success of Amazon, Netflix and others, But will consumers continue to increase their willingness-to-pay for such offers?

How will competitors fare, when they have to catch the attention of consumers on devices other the TV or PC screen? These and other questions will be at the centre of the present research brief. To this end, we conducted a representative survey among 3,184 consumers in Germany.

The document is available for download.

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