Specification of technical requirements for the USO broadband internet access service

By June 1st, 2022, the requirements for an internet access service, as defined in Section 157 (2) TKG, have to be specified as part of an ordinance. In this context WIK and zafaco prepared a report on behalf of the BNetzA in order to examines and quantify the technical requirements associated with enabling the services specified for universal service obligation (§157 (3) TKG). They include the so-called Annex V services already defined in the EKEK as well as home teleworking including encryption methods to the usual extent (VPN) and the common use of online content services. WIK and zafaco identify related relevant products and derive concrete values for the minimum requirements to be defined according to the TKG for the data transmission rate in download and upload as well as an upper limit for latency.

On December 22nd, 2021, BNetzA started a hearing and published its consultation document on requirements for basic telecommunications service provision. The suggested technical parameters are supported by the findings of the WIK/zafaco expert opinion.

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