The Study Series of WIK consist of final reports of research projects carried out by WIK.


Wettbewerbsverhältnisse auf den Transit- und Peeringmärkten

In dieser Studie werden ausgehend von der BEREC-Analyse aus 2017 die Markt- und Wettbewerbsentwicklungen der letzten fünf Jahre im Bereich IP-Interconnection aufgearbeitet und die Trends der nächsten Jahre in der Branche identifiziert.


Acceleration of broadband network roll-out

Study for the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport develops recommendations for a faster roll-out of mobile and fixed broadband networks.


Specification of technical requirements for the USO broadband internet access service

WIK and zafaco have submitted an expert opinion for BNetzA on the determination of service specific data transmission rate [Mbps] and latency [ms] requirements.


Strategies to promote Over-the-air provisioning

WIK study on behalf of ComReg develops regulatory options for e-SIM and over-the-air provisioning against the backdrop of the specifics of the Irish mobile market.


The role of MVNOs in mobile markets

Study by WIK-Consult investigates MVNO business models on the Irish market against the backdrop of technological innovations and competitive challenges.


The Federal Network Agency applies WIK tools for current price-cap proceeding in the postal sector

WIK-Consult has developed tools to determine the X factor by using benchmarks of companies in comparable markets.


Open access networks for Austria

WIK study examines the development of Open Access in Austria and gives recommendations in order to support the development towards an intensive use of gigabit-capable infrastructures.


10 leverages to achieve nationwide gigabit infrastructures

WIK study presents 10 concrete leverages that can accelerate Germany's path towards a gigabit society.


Green WiFi

WiFi 6/6E is essential for future broadband demand satisfaction and to overall ecological improvement

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